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Slavers of the Sunken Garden
Slavers of the Sunken Garden cover

Slavers of the Sunken Garden


The Sunken Garden invaded!

The natural sanctuary known as the Sunken Garden, a hidden paradise for fey creatures, has been invaded and taken over by slavers. Imgol the derhii and his band of kech slavers have developed a means to breed the fey creatures and corrupt their offspring – turning them evil and selling them to the highest bidder!

Stop the slavers and save the Sunken Garden.

Product Description

This Gaming Paper Adventure Includes:

  • A stand alone adventure for 4-6 players, level 6 to 8.
  • The entire 20 miniatures scale map pages used in the adventure, compatible with Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.
  • A 3D bird’s eye view illustration of the entire Sunken Garden Complex.
  • 5 illustrations to help immerse you and your players in the adventure.

Slavers of the Sunken Garden is an adventure for 6th- 8th level characters. Written by Jeremy Worst and Erik Bauer, maps by Christopher West, and with stunning artwork by Joel Biske and Nolan Nasser, this adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.

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