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This book is an adventure for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The campaign setting, Orbis, marries classic fantasy roleplaying elements with themes and aesthetics of the steampunk literary genre. This adventure is intended for characters from levels 4 to 6. It comes with background literature, the dungeon and encounters, and the necessary maps from Gaming Paper’s MegaDungeon 3: The Sewers. While the adventure is intended for use with the Orbis campaign setting, it can be transplanted to any campaign setting with a sufficiently advanced technology to permit the dungeon’s existence.

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A quiet terror grips the Forbidden City – something moves beneath the Emperor’s streets, devouring those who use the city’s wondrous waterworks. Where once the city was home to wonder, now fear wanders the streets, lurking in every quiet drain and burbling fountain. The soldiers sent to end the threat have not returned. The Chancellor has come to realize the folly of using force to solve his problems, and now seeks a more competent, well-rounded solution to the nightmare lurking in the sewers. The reward for restoring tranquility to the empire’s capital borders on the obscene – gold and accolades are the least of the rewards offered for the adventurers capable of bringing the monster’s head forth. Can you slay the Beast Beneath the Streets in its own lair?

Shuigong is an adventure written by Daniel Comrie, maps by Christopher West, and with stunning artwork by Marco Morte. This adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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