New Kickstarter! Gaming Paper Dry Erase Gaming Tiles

About this Project

I may be the creator of Gaming Paper, but my gaming groups use all kinds of mapping and terrain products when we play.

Gaming Paper Tile 1

Huge miniature on a Gaming Paper Tile

During a typical game sessions, we will use Gaming Paper, some 3D bits to add to the coolness, and a set of Erasable Game Tiles. But after several years, my erasable tiles are getting pretty scratched and gummed up from transport and use … so, it is time to retire them.

Shopping for replacements I’ve found some thin knock-offs, some really large tiles, and some extremely expensive sets … but nothing that fit both my needs and my budget.

This reminded me of the predicament that led to the initial development of Gaming Paper back in 2009. So I began to wonder if, with everything I’ve learned over the years, I could make a quality, affordable gaming tile product to fill the niche I’d found in the market?

Hello, I am Gaming Paper Tiles!

Hello, I am Gaming Paper Tiles!

We interviewed GMs who used erasable tiles to find out what other folks thought was important, and then we started designing. What we’ve come up with is pretty amazing and I am proud of the design and the functionality.

  • The tiles are 8.5″x11″.  The same size as a standard hardcover game book.By matching the size of your books we make it easier for you to transport the tiles in your stack and store them easily on your shelf.
  • The tiles are double sided.
  • The tabs and slots with which the tiles fit together are sized for strength and longevity.
  • The tiles are made extra thick to add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage from bending.
Same size as your books! Easier to transport and store!

Same size as your books! Easier to transport and store!

Over 3.5 millimeters thick! Made to last!

Over 3.5 millimeters thick! Made to last!

In order to be part of Kickstarter’s One Week Project event during the One Hit Wonder Week, we are running this Kickstarter for just a single week and with only one pledge level! As always, thank you for your consideration … and even more for your support!


You can add more 4 packs of tiles for only $15 each including domestic shipping or $25 each including international shipping!

Gaming Paper Tile 5

Risks and challenges

I have quite a few samples of our new tiles in hand and have handed them out to a few trusted gamer friends as well! We have been playing with them for a couple weeks and I feel confident that we can manufacture and deliver this product. As always, there are challenges. The weather can be unpredictable especially between winter and spring, in the past we have been slowed down when our packing materials were delayed, and we have several conventions coming up. We will be considering all these possibilities and more as we build our plan to to get you another Gaming Paper product on time. One more thing, I had to make the decision between weight and durability. I chose durability. Each pack of Gaming Paper Tiles weighs 1.25 pounds. This pushed us over any inexpensive shipping options offered by carriers. We have included the cost of domestic shipping and added an accurate upcharge for international shipments with that in mind.