New Kickstarter! Isometric Gaming Paper Rolls

What is Isometric paper?

Before we talk about isometric paper it is important to mention that Gaming Paper did not invent isometric paper any more than we invented one inch squares. We are just putting them on huge rolls of paper and sizing them for gaming.

Wikipedia Definition: Isometric graph paper or 3D graph paper — This type is a triangular graph paper which uses a series of three guidelines forming a 60° grid of small triangles. The triangles are arranged in groups of six to make hexagons.

Erik’s Definition: Isometric paper allows you to draw 3D looking maps in 2D.  By repeating a pattern of diamonds the eye is fooled into seeing a 3D representation great for a more immersive gaming experience (similar to the old 3/4 view used in RPG video games)

How did these rolls come to be?!

A friend of Gaming Paper sent me an email asking me if we would consider making isometric paper.  I had no idea what that was, so I asked him for an example.  He sent me this:

Isometric Paper idea

and I was sold!  Sure, it has challenges.  If you want to fight by the stairs you are going to have to work around it.  Some players might have to come around the table to see the correct orientation.  Finally, someone needs to teach me how to draw on isometric paper! These challenges are easily overcome.

I posted this picture on the Gaming Paper Facebook page and over 2900 people liked it, 500 shared it, and 300 commented.  That sealed it, we needed to run some samples.  We ran the samples and sent them out to testers, bloggers, and industry insiders.  They loved it and so will you!

How do you use Isometric Paper?

Here are some samples of what some industry insiders did with their Isometric Gaming Paper samples.

Charles Boswell’s doodling before shooting our how-to video:

Isometric Paper, Charles Boswell

Charles Boswell

Isometric Paper, Jacob Blackmon

Jacob Blackmon

Jacob Blackmon drew a map from a premade adventure onto Gaming Paper Isometric and used it as a tactical map for his group.

Jason Bulmahn received one of the sample rolls and made this multilevel dungeon.

Isometric Paper, Jason Bulmahn

Jason Bulmahn

What do people think of Isometric Gaming Paper?

Got some isometric paper from @GamingPaper. Fantastic stuff. Great way to show multilevel creations usable in game with minis & everything! ~Monte Cook

This is one nice product you got here. I’m enjoying it immensely! ~Jason Bulmahn

I really do think the isometric format makes it easy, even if you’re just drawing room edges + shading. ~Sean K Reynolds

I gotta give it up to Erik Bauer at Gaming Paper. This isometric paper is pretty cool! The map looks a lot more dynamic than a standard top-down map. ~Jacob Blackmon

This is mighty! ~Louis Agresta

I was literally just mapping out my own demo video for this. Great minds thinking alike And great paper inspiring alike. Erik keeps bringing the amazing. Shame on him for throwing off the curve for everyone else. ~Rone Barton

Is there a video showing how to use Isometric Gaming Paper?

I am thrilled that you asked!

Thank you for reading and please consider backing Gaming Paper Isometric Rolls today!

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